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How to know if you need a roof repair. Know the warning signs of a failing roof!

Leaking Roof - Ottawa Roof Repair

Leakage in the attic after severe Ottawa rainfalls and windy storms. This could be caused by leaky or inadequate underlying shingles or deteriorated flashing. Roof flashing is an essential construction detail used to protect and seal the joints created by intersections on your roof and structures such as skylights, chimneys, vent tents and skylights. Look for moisture under mounted roof structures as these are the most vulnerable areas.

Ice Build Up Leak - Ottawa Roof Repair

Leakage in the attic after exterior ice build-up. This may occur when water from ice damns leaks into the attic due to inadequate underlying shingles.

Peeling Paint - Ottawa Roof Repair

Peeling or blistering of the paint on your homes interior or exterior. This may occur if your attic is poorly ventilated, causing high humidity and excessively high temperatures.

Mold Problems - Ottawa Roof Repair

Mold, mildew or stains on your homes interior walls and ceiling. Inadequate underlying shingles or poor ventilation can cause leakage and excessive moisture and are a clear indication you need roof repair in Ottawa.

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Exterior Decay - Ottawa Roof Repair

Exterior decay of your homes sheathing or siding. Sheathing is a layer of wood or fibre materials applied to outer joints, studs or rafters to strengthen and weatherproof the structure. Poor attic ventilation and excess moisture can cause decomposition of your home’s exterior, which might also need repair along with the roof.

Cracked Shingles - Ottawa Roof Repair

Curling, cracking or missing shingles. This issue definitely calls for roof repair in Ottawa. All shingles have an expiry date, and if your roof is displaying these signs of wear it is likely at the end of its lifespan and in need of replacing.

Dark Patches - Ottawa Roof Repair

Dark patches that look dirty. As shingles age, they loose granules as the adhesive quality of the asphalt wears. These granules extend the life of the shingles, protect the asphalt form UV light, provide fire resistance and add colour. As shingles age their granules release and the shingle provides less protection to the elements.

Energy Savings - Ottawa Roof Repair

Increased energy bills. Insufficient attic ventilation can cause your homes heating and cooling system to run overtime. During warm seasons, hot air gets trapped in the attic, causing your air conditioner the work unnecessarily and decreasing the comfort of your home as the temperature increases. In both hot and cool weather, excuse moisture and condensation can correct and reduce the effectiveness of your insulation. The result is excessive energy costs and unnecessary stress on your homes heating and cooling system.  Have any of the above issues? Our roofers can help with your roof repair in Ottawa.

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