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Looking for an Ottawa roofing company? Your home is perhaps the single biggest investment that you’ll make in your lifetime. Furthermore, your home’s roof is its most important structure as it provides protection from the elements, notably rain, but also heat, wind, and sunlight. It’s a symbol of your home, and for the longevity of both, it’s best to turn to the expertise of a professional company.

Armour Home Solutions is a company that offers quality residential roofing services in the Ottawa area!

If your roof begins to leak or shingles begin to lift or deteriorate, it is important that you call an Ottawa roofing company right away. Armour Home Solutions specializes in the installation and maintenance of residential roofs, and our team of highly qualified professionals will take the correct measures to repair or replace your roof before the problem causes further damage to your home. Unfortunately, as is the case with many home quality issues, the longer you wait to repair or replace your roof, the more damage that will be caused.

Calling Armour Home Solutions means that you’ll be dealing with one of the most competent Ottawa roofing companies in the region. Whether it’s time to do a complete replacement of your home’s roof, or just a repair, our team will visit your home to do a complete and thorough evaluation to inspect and provide you with an accurate solution. Our estimates are free, and we offer our clients the best custom solutions. With a free estimate you’ll be able to make a fulsome decision that will be based on quality and excellence.

Our expert team has experience with a vast selection of roofing materials. We have expertly installed metal roofs, and all grades of asphalt shingles, and much more. Our team of professionals will get to know your needs and budget, and recommend the material best suited for you.

If you’re in doubt about the condition of your home’s roof we’ll happily provide you with a professional evaluation. Whether your home has been damaged in the most recent wind storm or your roof is simply old and outdated, Armour Home Solutions is the Ottawa roofing company to address all your needs.


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