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When it comes to roofing in Nepean and the greater Ottawa region, Armour Home Solutions is the go-to trusted name for delivering exceptional service and products to meet every need. With cooler autumn weather on its way and winter close behind, it’s a great time to assess your roofing and determine if it’s time for repairs or replacement. If you’re looking to replace a worn out roof, or find something that’ll last longer or help you save on energy bills, look no further—contact Armour Home Solutions today to get a free quote and learn what we can do for you!

Diverse Roofing Styles For Nepean

Worn shingles can detract from curb appeal and your home’s overall appearance. There’s nothing worse than something ugly hanging over your home—literally! That’s why Armour Home Solutions carries the best selection of roofing in Nepean and the greater Ottawa region. Whether you’re looking for traditional asphalt with shingles or something modern with metal shingles, our expert technicians are happy to discuss your options and help you determine what’s best for your needs. Contact us today to discuss what Armour Home Solutions can do for you!

Experts With Experience

We’ve built our reputation on the work and expertise of our staff, and we understand how important it is to get hands-on with our work—or, more accurately, boots-on! We don’t finalize a single quote until a qualified and experienced technician has climbed a ladder and inspected your roof for themselves. Best of all, there’s no charge!



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