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As one of the best steel roofing companies in Ottawa, our metal roofing experts understand that “an expert roofer uses superior products”! There is no other product more durable that offers a distinctive clean aesthetic and is strong enough to withstand temperamental Ottawa winters.

An investment in metal roofing for your commercial or residential properties is an understanding that your roof will likely last 50 years or longer. Not only that, this style of roofing meets stringent building codes including various fire rating classes and is resistant to hail and wind damage.

Armour Home Solutions options for metal roofing products are low in maintenance. Dirt and snow slide off easily even on low-sloped roofs minimizing ice damning and snow removal costs.

Steel or Aluminum Shingles:

Metal shingles are designed as an alternative to common asphalt shingles, but with the toughness and long-lasting qualities of high-strength metal roofing panels. Metal shingles are manufactured from new and recycled materials.

Unlike common asphalt shingles made from fossil fuels, they are not subject to the fluctuations of world market oil prices. Unlike discarded asphalt shingles clogging our landfill sites, they are entirely recyclable!

Steel roofing shingles carry the unquestionable advantage of being long-lasting. They will not rot, curl, crack, break, chip, peel and perforate under normal use and minimum maintenance. Have no fear of rain, ice, hail, sleet, snow, wind, sun, frost and even burning embers from forest fires.

Large Home with Metal Roofing

metal roof by steel roofing companies

Corrugated Metal Panels:

Installed vertically or horizontally, corrugated panels are a metal roofing option that has resurfaced on new architectural and industrial buildings in the past few years. With many profiles to choose from, the opportunities are endless!

Standing Seam:

Unlike many traditional alternatives like slate or tile, standing seam profiles are easy to install, more cost effective, 100% recyclable and facilitates more creativity in design. In fact, some profiles can even be curved!

Whether you choose a profile from Ideal Roofing, Vicwest or Agway’s roof cladding systems, the result will be a stunning. All these durable roof cladding products are available in a full range of colours, in variable panel widths. All are single skin applications and must be applied over a solid substrate and waterproof membrane.

Custom Flashings and Accessories:

A full range of custom flashings and accessories are available from Armour Home Solutions to complete your project. These may include; chimney caps, chimney flashings, drip edges, wall flashings or ridge caps and vents.


Metal roofing installations often require more expertise than a do-it-yourself project.
Our experienced and friendly team can provide you with a free consultation. We’ll visit you at your property,
give you a proper assessment and answer any questions you might have about metal roofing.

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